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Well Easter is on it's way and that means EGGS!And because How to Train your Dragon 2 is comming out this year, I decided why not make some dragon egg adopts ^^

These little babies are just bearly hatching so that means that they are going to be easy to train. I have been breeding dragons for years so I know what I'm talking about... yeah.


Direct buy:
❥ Chibi Dragon: $10
❥ Adult Version: $20
❥ Chibi + Adult versions: $25
❥ Reference sheet: $35 (includes head-shot, open wings pose, side pose and some personality traits. as well as dragon stats)
❥ Full bundle: $50 (includes reference sheet, adult attack pose, adorable Chibi)

Babies available

Blue scaled Whispering Death
Purple Flamed Monstrous Nightmare
Green enhanced Deadly Nadder

These babies need homes, and yes i will be making more.

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