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I'm quite sure that everyone has heard that Markiplier has been out of commission for a while. He got sick and is currently recovering from surgery. He's not the first youtuber that I watch that has gotten this sick and had to go under the knife, but he is the first one that made me feel the way that I feel. I care so much about him and I really want to see him get better before he starts making videos again. What is most important to me is that he get's better. I know that my voice is probably just one of the millions that are telling him the same thing, and it is unlikely that mine will get noticed, but I feel like adding my voice will at least, inspire someone else to speak as well, and onward and onward until he hears us clearly.

I have in fact fallen in love with the Markiplier that I have watched and gotten to know, and I want more than anything for him to be healthy once again, even if it meant that he could never make videos for us again the way he used to.

Just get better Mark.
We'll still be here.

2.5 hours | Sai | Photoshop CS3

❥ Art by jbcblank

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