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Yaaaaaaaz got this thing finally made. There isn't much more info to add other than her fall/winter skull face. oh and hair. Fire is hard.


Yellow Fur, cyan stripe down her back.
Ears are Purple with lime green tips and she has diamond tattoos on her left ear.
White face, chest fluff and belly.
Her arms are purple with yellow "sleeves"
Legs are yellow on top and white on bottom, with a lime green triforce tattoo on her right thigh.
Her hand paws are purple with white fingers and pink paw pads.
Her foot paws are Black with pink paw pads.
Her tail is yellow with a white tip with a pink zig zag line between the yellow and the white, and a cyan skunk strip going down till it meets the pink.
She has red eyes and a black nose.
On her right butt cheek she has a burnt-orange panda paw print.
Five identical tails that can change shape and size.

Her tongue is pink, her gums are pink.
Her Naughty parts are also pink

She has a small nose.
she is a bit on the chubby side.


Kira is the Goddess of Chaos, she has taken physical form many times, but since there are so few worshipers it's hard for her to get the things done that she needs to (as being a God is like a job). She is long mated with the God of Lazyness and they live a very happy life with each other. Every time they take physical forms they live in very different ways in order to experience everything that life has to offer.
She is a Sex nerd.
She loves to learn and enjoys sex in many ways.
She has a mate
he's a Panda.

4 hours | Sai | Photoshop CS3

❥ Art by jbcblank

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