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*Support Me Please*

I need help in getting my ychs out there, could someone here help in sharing them around? I'll gladly offer free art if so.~ :-}
30/04/2017 20:49
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~Happy New Year's Eve~

Hope everyone is having a year-end good day. This year has been nothing but disappointment and failure for me. x.x I'm hoping I can pick myself back up next year and come back with more new and improved artwork, maybe even some digital art of my own! But its only a speculation though so I'm not g...
31/12/2016 18:32

Commissions Needed!

I got commissions and YCHs open you guys! Take a look at them and see if they are to your liking! Also check out my commission List! It's brand new and improved!~ :-3
17/11/2016 05:06

YCHs and Commissions!!

Hey y'all out there! Glad to finally be able to come back here, been away for so long trying to make off my artwork and that I am doing commissions and YCHs, I can do just that! ^.^ That's why I'm here to inform you that I am doing commissions and YCHs now and I'll post a preview of the price sh...
11/07/2016 19:05

~Commissions Available Soon!~

Hey y'all out there! I am a new artist here and just want to expand my art onto other sites! ^.^ I do art trades, gifts and commissions soon once I get my price line up and going. After that I will be ready to take on any commissions I can, just a heads-up of what I can do. More journals coming soon
25/05/2016 01:55