It was a cold and windy morning at a fifth wheel camper parked in a

rural area. The forecast had called for freezing temperatures, icy roads

and possible flurries of snow. Frost lay on the grass and ground as well

as the roof of the camper. A gold dragon stood in the kitchen area of the

camper making some scrambled eggs for breakfast after her husband had

left for work whilst listening to a news radio station, waiting to hear if a

daycare that her cub attends would be open or closed that day. After

hearing a forecast on the radio the disc jockey ran through a list of

closings/delays for that day.

The dragon knew that if either the county or city schools were closed or

had delays, her cub’s daycare would follow. Finally, after much waiting

and listening to the list of closings, an announcement came over the


”Network Cubs Daycare will be open today on a two-hour


After hearing this announcement, the dragon nodded and went

to her cub’s room. Seeing her hatchling asleep in his crib, clutching his

Pichu plushie, sucking on his pacifier made her feel warm inside. She

wished she could let her hatchling sleep all day in his crib, but she knew

that she had to get him up, change him, and get him ready for his day at

daycare. Gently and slowly rubbing the hatchling’s arm and saying

“Wake up Jake, wake up my little dragon, it’s time to get up.” The

hatching groaned a bit, slowly opened his eyes and looked at his mother.

Smiling and letting his pacifier fall out of his mouth he softly and

sleepily said “Goo mowning, mommy.” “Good morning, Jake.” She

replied “It’s cold outside, so daycare will start later.” “Otays, mommy.”

Jake replied.

Sliding the side of his crib down, the hatchling’s mother picked him up

and carried him over to a changing table near his crib. “Time for

changies.” She said to her cub then proceeded to remove Jake’s red

footie pajamas, lay him down on the table, buckle him onto it, and give

him his Pichu plushie to distract him during his morning diaper change.

After preparations were complete, she grabbed a tub of wipes, a

container of baby powder and a dry diaper. Setting those items to the

side, the sound of velcro ripping filled the room as the wet diaper was

thrown into the trash, the hatchling was soon lifted up and his area was

wiped down. The dry diaper was placed under him as he was lowered

onto it. After his mother powdered him, the diaper was then lifted up and

taped into place. After the change and after being dressed, his mother

carried the hatchling into the kitchen where he was placed into his

highchair, and fed cereal. Once Jake was finished with his breakfast, he

was placed into a playpen whilst his mother got his diaper bag together

and called the daycare to make sure that the daycare buses were running

on a two hour delay with them. After getting off the phone with the

daycare, Jake’s mother had her breakfast while Jake played.

Jake was busy playing with his wooden trains in his playpen, running

them in a circle with his Pichu plushie sitting next to him.

Soon, a honk was heard outside the camper, Jake’s mother scooped him

up out of the playpen, got his diaper bag, put his jacket, scarf, and beanie

on him. The daycare bus had arrived after two hours of letting Jake play.

Putting him on the bus, the hatchling’s mother said goodbye to him, and

saw the bus pull away. It had been a cold morning, waiting out a two

hour delay for daycare and she was waiting to get on with her work as a

freelance writer.

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A short story I wrote to get me into writing furry (Babyfur) stories.

My fursona, Jake Draggie going through a cold morning while daycare is on a 2 hour delay.

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