Jake Draggie was unbuckled from his carseat, and lifted onto the ground where his mother soon took hold of his hand. Today was a different day, the hatchling’s mother took the day off from work and decided to take her hatchling to the mall with her. Upon entering the mal through the food court side, the first stop for the dragon and her hatchling was a clothing store across the way where she had purchased some new pairs of bluejeans. After exiting the store, she and Jake went back to the food court to buy some lunch. Stopping at a Chinese buffet in the food court, she decided to get some sweet and sour chicken for herself. After paying and sitting down to eat, she gave her hatchling his bottle and he drank from it. After she had finished eating and after Jake had finished his bottle, they went on to a sporting goods store where the mother and hatchling had to buy the hatchling’s father a sweatshirt of his favorite college football team for Christmas. Once in the fan gear section, the mother asked her hatchling, “Would you like to look at the toys they have on the other side of the store after we get daddy’s present?” Jake smiled and nodded, he was eager to see what kind of toys the store had.

After getting the sweatshirt, they walked over to the toy aisle where there were plenty of toys for Jake to look at. He looked at many toys and was very happy, he ended up choosing a ball of which his mother bought along with the sweatshirt. Upon exiting the store, Jake’s mother decided to take him to the restroom as she noticed that it was probably time to change his diaper, “Come on, my little stinker,” she said to Jake scooping him up in her arms, “Let’s go to the restroom and get you changed.”

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Another Short Story about my fursona, Jake (1 year old Dragon) going to the mall.

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