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Fresh 2019!

Published: 06/01/2019 01:18

Ello! So, first things first.

A new year means a complete and fresh install for my PC! I love to do this, just to keep everything in good shape. Why mention this? Because it means I will be offline temporarily while reconfiguring everything. Not for too long though, just for a day or two. X3

Freebee Friday, December 2018 was such a good time for me! I wanted to really push myself and thanks to everyone who follows me, we managed to accomplish 50 free sketches this month! A new Record! :D

Thanks again to everyone here! A Jam&Kat Patreon will be opening up soon and new plans for full projects are in the works!
Anyway, brb :P

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  • Published: 06/01/2019 01:18



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