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Merry Xmas + Updates

Jasmae humbly requests your help
26/12/2019 04:02

Holiday Coms ETA + Stream tomorrow!

Hey everyone! Just a heads up that [b][color=#993300]your holiday commissions will be completed by Dec
20/12/2019 02:40

;~; Jasmae still needs help..

---------- [lb] [lb] Hey everyone, [lb] I'm still struggling
18/11/2019 19:04

Stream this weekend!

Hey everyone, as you know, I've been struggling
30/10/2019 21:28

Contest / Raffle - Free Char. Design!

Go here to enter my inspiration board contest/raffle for a free character design! http://www
23/09/2019 19:39

I'm fine!

The hurricane basically missed my area
05/09/2019 00:43

Florida Hurricane - Potential Hiatus

[align=center]If you didn't know, [b]I live in Florida and there is a hurricane so I might be MIA during it[/b], might lose power and/or internet
02/09/2019 16:59

Follow me on instagram

[b][color=#9b59b6]Instagram:[/color] https://www
16/08/2019 18:46

🐱 Link is okay! ❤️

Good news![lb] After a second opinion from a different vet (whom is more familiar with cat dental things), Link does not need dental xrays or extractions![lb] Money that had been donated to Link went towards his appointment/test as well as flea treatment for him and Zelda
07/08/2019 20:05

Follow Me :D

Hey everyone! If you didn't know yet - you can now also find me on DeviantArt
06/08/2019 18:44

IN STREAM commissions open!

[code][u][b]STREAM ONLINE! Now - 10pm est[/b][/u][lb] [url]http://picarto
02/08/2019 21:13

Streaming Today Reminder!

I'm streaming in an hr (from this post)! http://picarto
26/07/2019 19:01

Silhouette Icon Queue <3

The previous batch of silhouette icons is completed![lb] https://trello
25/07/2019 23:22

Stream - Get a commission!

20/07/2019 22:42

⚡ Commission Stream Tonight 5-10pm EST

[color=#1abc9c][b]Commission Stream Tonight 5-10pm EST[/b][/color]http://picarto
29/06/2019 17:29


[b]I am [u]only[/u] taking IN-STREAM COMMISSIONS until further notice
23/06/2019 18:06

Commission Stream Tonight

[b][i]Commission Stream Tonight[/i][/b] [i][b]@ 3:30pm - 8:30pm EST[/b][/i][lb] 4 slots for your choice of [u]sketches[/u], [u]shaded sketches[/u], [u]colored sketches[/u]![lb] http://picarto
21/06/2019 16:57

EMERGENCY- Ref sheet or character design- 1 slot

I really [b]need $ ASAP[/b] so my bank doesn't go into the negative
20/05/2019 19:01
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For the price of a flat - $50, get a shaded piece (normally $85)[lb] [lb] Email [email]jasmaeart@gmail
15/05/2019 22:29

Jas is streamin'

Pssst! Jas is streamin' @ http://picarto
08/05/2019 01:30

TY + Stream Tomorrow!

Thank you all who came to my stream to watch and/or commission me <3[lb] I super appreciate it! And I was sooo close to my goal! There was no raffle, but I plan to stream tomorrow and as long as I get any amount of coms, I'll do a raffle at the end of the stream![lb] [lb] 4-10pm EST Commission Stream Saturday May 4th[lb] CINCO DE MAYO THEMES ARE 10% OFF[lb] See you then! <333
04/05/2019 02:25

Easter Stream Saturday!

Easter Stream Saturday! >> [url=https://www
16/04/2019 22:18

Important note to commissioners!

[b]I do NOT draw poke sonas and the like
01/04/2019 20:31

YCH Claimed

Just a blanket notice across sites that the Butterfly Bath YCH has been claimed
01/04/2019 17:25

March Madness Sale

Check out my March Madness Sale: https://www
01/03/2019 22:59
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☆ Commissions are OPEN!

☆ [u][b]COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN![/b][/u][lb] [lb] Vday & Anti Vday Icons[lb] [url=http://drive
23/01/2019 03:55


Hey everyone! Happy Sunday! <3[lb] [lb] I am streaming today from now til, whenever, working on a shaded full body com for fenflash
13/01/2019 18:43

Jasmae's Early Black Friday Sales

Hey everyone![lb] See my Early Black Friday Sales Newsletter [url=http://shoutout
19/11/2018 19:56


Stream starts in 1 hr! http://picarto
17/11/2018 18:03

Reminder: I stream SATURDAY!

Next Commission Stream will be Saturday, Nov
16/11/2018 02:57

Streaming - get a commission!

STREAMING NOW - 8pm EST[lb] http://picarto
04/11/2018 17:47


So, jk, no stream
03/11/2018 17:29

Streaming in 1 hr.

Commission Stream http://picarto
03/11/2018 16:11

Saturday Stream!

Hey everyone! I will have a [b]commission stream[/b] tomorrow, [b]Saturday, November 3rd @ 1pm-7pm EST[/b][lb] There will be silhouette scenes for winter/holiday or any theme, silhouette icons for winter/winter holidy only, and quick sketches for any theme![lb] Make sure you're following me on picarto: http://picarto
02/11/2018 22:05

Last call for Halloween Silhouette Icons!

I will be streaming at 5pm tonight EST on picarto: http://picarto
30/10/2018 18:09

Special Commission Offers!

Hey everyone, I've been struggling lately making enough money for rent and things
23/10/2018 19:50


COMMISSION STREAM![lb] now - 8:30 (maybe later) EST[lb] http://picarto
20/10/2018 18:32

Jasmae is streaming - get a commission!

Commission Stream is ONLINE! http://picarto
19/10/2018 21:18

Are you watching me on Weasyl?

If you are, great![lb] If you aren't
17/10/2018 17:10


15/10/2018 02:48

Stream is @ 5pm actually

Sorry for the delay, I've been behind all day, so my stream will start @ 5pm
13/10/2018 18:59

Updated TOS! + Website!

Hello everyone![lb] I just wanted to inform you all that my TOS has been updated![lb] Nothing really changed, I just clarified some stuff and made it more visibly digestable
10/10/2018 18:41

Friday Stream~

HELP! - I'M MOVING IN UNDER A MONTH! Please help me out and commission me or spread the word to your friends to do so
18/05/2018 00:04

s t r e a m i n g . o n l i n e .

21/03/2018 21:07

Update + Friday Stream + Raffle

[b][u]Life Update:[/u][/b] Last Friday my s/o had to go to the ER from pain in his side and not being able to breathe properly
11/03/2018 19:43
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In-stream Sketch Sale TOMORROW + goal raffle

Sketch Stream Sale! Tomorrow at 3:30pm - 11:30 est Quick Sketches in-stream for just $13 each! (aka $13 per character) (Normally $18, so you're saving $5!) Order form info will be posted around the time of the stream! (probably 30 mins ahead of the stream to give you all time to order correctly) NO ordering ahead of time! You MUST be present in-stream when you order
08/03/2018 21:21


THE MOMENT YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR HAS FINALLY COME! If you love art, anthros, and tarot, please check out my ANTHRO TAROT INDIGIOGO {https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/jasmae-s-anthro-tarot-cards/x/13612900#/} and share it with your friends! It's my first large project and I'm stoked! A speci...
30/08/2016 19:39