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In-stream Sketch Sale TOMORROW + goal raffle

Published: 08/03/2018 21:21

Sketch Stream Sale! Tomorrow at 3:30pm - 11:30 est Quick Sketches in-stream for just $13 each! (aka $13 per character) (Normally $18, so you're saving $5!) Order form info will be posted around the time of the stream! (probably 30 mins ahead of the stream to give you all time to order correctly) NO ordering ahead of time! You MUST be present in-stream when you order. (I understand if you have to go / can't wait specifically for your slot because of work or other obligations) Just be present when you order so I have a chance to look over it and make sure I have everything I need and make sure you pay. If I hit my goal of 10 sketch orders, I will have a raffle to win a free sketch! (Anyone in the stream will get 1 entry automatically, and anyone who already ordered in-stream will get 2 entries automatically) Keep in mind that streaming your commission is NOT guaranteed (because of potential technical difficulties and such, but it will be done and emailed to you if that happens) No refunds as per my TOS: http://jasmaeart.wixsite.com/commissions/tos Feel free to subscribe to my picarto channel if you haven't: http://picarto.tv/jasmae so you are notified when I go live!  

jordan711 ยท 16/03/2018 06:44

13 $

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