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Update + Friday Stream + Raffle

Published: 11/03/2018 19:43

Life Update: Last Friday my s/o had to go to the ER from pain in his side and not being able to breathe properly. They admitted him for a kidney infection of his nonfunctioning kidney. [He was born with only one working kidney, the other is nonfunctional.] His working kidney is fine. He stayed overnight to be monitored for improvement and they discharged him to come home last night. He's to take it easy and be on antibiotics for 10 days + a followup appt. thereafter. So that's why I've been M.I.A. Stream: This is why my stream was cancelled last Friday. But I am doing the stream this Friday instead! It's $13 quick sketches! (Normally $18, so you save $5!) ($13 per char) Order form + info will be posted at 2:30 pm EST on Friday.  You can NOT order in advance. No order limit. You must be present in-stream WHEN you order (in case I have a question, and to make sure your payment goes through), but I understand if you must leave the stream due to work and other obligations. Stream will begin at 3:00pm EST Friday. http://picarto.tv/jasmae follow my channel to be notified first when my stream goes live~ Raffle: If I hit my goal of 10 sketch orders, I will have a raffle for one free sketch! You MUST be present in-stream at the time of the raffle to be included. Everyone in-stream 1 free entry into the raffle. Everyone in-stream who ordered a sketch in-stream gets an additional entry into the raffle (per sketch). Raffle winner is selected at the end of the stream. Icon Sale: Spring Forward Sale! $10 (each) icons! Any theme! Save an additional $1 (each icon) on either an Easter or St. Patrick's Day theme! Order Here! JasmaeArt@gmail.com

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