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Shaded Sketch (from a couple streams ago) for SalenaKingston

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Kawauso · 28/08/2018 05:31

As an archer myself, I feel that it's worth mentioning the way you drew the arrow and the bow hand are off. The drawing hand you did very well with representing the strain(I would suggest pulling the elbow back more, but this could be mid-draw.), but the bigger issue is with the hand supporting the bow. A way I commonly suggest people to draw the bow hand is to draw the hand as if the fingers were pointing toward where they're going, but with them more relaxed so they're curling more naturally. The reason for this is, anatomically, the common depiction of the bow being held perpendicular to the wrist is almost impossible(without severe injury). Additionally, it isn't uncommon for the arrow to be above all the fingers on the string, so you can easily shift the arrow itself above the thumb just by moving it up the string no problem. It'd look fine that way. A major thing you did miss though is the important detail that the arrow should be on the other side of the bow from our point of view.
Hope this helps you out. As an artist and an archer myself, I know pretty well that the poses and positions for archery are NOT easy to draw and render by any stretch.

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