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Silhouette COMIC Commission
$95 usd
(payment plan option: You can pay half now, half in a week)

Up to 6 panels (varying size, one large one though like the silhouette scenes)

Up to 2 characters depicted okay. Any additional characters (depending on how frequently they are shown) will be more $.
You give me a BRIEF idea and I roll with it.

If I decide to continue these commissions, they will be $125-ish (obviously depending on a variety of things and the complexity of the characters, BGs etc.)

Potential for your "comic" to continue in future silhouette comic pages you commission.

EMAIL JasmaeArt@gmail.com 
"Sil. Comic Page"
I'll need:
- Your BRIEF IDEA (a couple sentences, not a whole story, not a wall of text)
- Your character references (2 max per character)
- A short sentence describing your character's personality.
- Your paypal email to invoice you.

Let me be clear that you are leaving a lot of this up to me and artistic freedom.
I will be putting the words in their mouth and making it concise to a comic, but it will be run by YOU before it's finalized.

ETA Nov. 1st. hopefully sooner.

Don't forget to review my TOS: http://jasmaeart.wixsite.com/commissions/tos
Silhouette Scenes can be mature for gore, if that's what you're looking for.

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