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G'day! My name's Jasper, a psychology major with a minor in art studio. I've worked with the wonderful staff of AnthroNW on a psychological research paper discussing the motivations and emotional benefits of fursuiting as a hobby; while the paper was for an assignment, the light study I ran for it revealed some fascinating data, so I plan on revisiting the topic, with a far, far more expansive study in the coming years! With luck, I might even be able to make a convention circuit outta it, get a sample in the field that's truly representative of the entire fursuiter population!
As the gallery shows, my major isn't the only part of my education I'm applying to the furry subculture! I do mixed media and digital furry art, usually involving sketches and inks done on paper with the rest done digitally. I ain't the best artists in the world, obviously, but I always strive for improvement and self-actualization. Criticism is very welcome on anything and everything I post here! 

I take commissions! I'm more fond of SFW art, but hell, I'll draw anything [legal]! I'm desperate for financial income & stability, and since my time is meaningless and my skills few, I'll bring to fruition whatever your imagination fancies for a reasonable price!* Feel free to note me anytime, or visit my Trello for information about my queue and pricing. 

*some terms and restrictions apply. Note for details.


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Commissions OPEN!

Good morning, afternoon, or evening! I'm making this journal as an official, clear means to indicate my comms are open and slots are waitin' to be filled; (please note, turnaround is based on an empty queue; if your card is in my Trello's 'Doing' column, expect completion time to be as stated her...
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