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Commissions OPEN!

Published: 7 months ago

Good morning, afternoon, or evening!

I'm making this journal as an official, clear means to indicate my comms are open and slots are waitin' to be filled; 
(please note, turnaround is based on an empty queue; if your card is in my Trello's 'Doing' column, expect completion time to be as stated here)

Terms of Service:

DM me here or email my at jaspershiba@gmail.com to request a commission! Thanks!~

Stylized Icons, $25
Expressive icon, stylized, simple background, cell shading, square or rectangle
4 slots, turnaround of 3-4 hours of work. Less than a day average, depending on client response time to each phase.


Rendered Icons, $30
More rendered out icon, with a custom background and lighting.
2 slots, one week turnaround average.



Model Sheet, $50
$25 per character illustration present, base price; up to $40 per illustration if I'm working off a description alone, or for things such as shading or rendering. $5 for headshots or accessories on the sheet. Quote provided via Note.
Model sheets have a minimum of two flat illustrations (front and back fullbody), can have shading/rendering, for a fee. Will create background, palette, and any text the user requests for the sheet at no extra charge.
1 slot, turnaround dependent entirely on character anatomy and complexity.


Full Illustration, $35+
$35 base price; price is determined based on complexity of subject, setting, lighting, composition, character count, etc. I can provide a quote via Note.
Full illustrations always have rendering, full shading, lighting, and a full background. Cap listed would very likely never be hit, just put that as a general cap I'd expect to ever charge for a single character illustration.
1 slot, turnaround variable. I aim to never take more than 3 weeks on these.


Lineless Illustration, $30
Simplified lineless illustration, heavily stylized. Flat price, single characters only please. This type of commission is more experimental, using lighting and silhouettes for the primary composition.
1 slot, turnaround of 2 weeks at most.


That's all that's notable. I also do sketches and flat waist-up/fullbodies, but seeing as I lack sufficient examples I've excluded those from this journal.

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