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It's funny. This sort of thing, karaoke, I've never been too keen on. I always found it, and most other social situations such as parties, dances, raves, etc, to be awkward and difficult. Yet, when I reframe that, and it includes my SO, previous displeasures melt away. This is something I'd WANT to do with him; anything can be made enjoyable as long as he's there. The Marble Fox to my left is indeed the same as the Blanford Fox from my previous piece; that was a simpler, experimental design for my sweetheart's fursona. This is the final design, and my my, is it a nice one! He's got good taste. Shame he ain't on any of the sites this is bein' posted to, otherwise I'd give him a tag! The composition and theme were inspired by 'Basement Busk', an excellent animation by Youtuber 'GildedGuy'.
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