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From one of our conversations about sharing a dinner out, Ferin and I came to talking about chopsticks - specifically, how he's prefers them to silverware, and I can't use them for the life of me. That spawned a doodle of us on a date, myself struggling with the horrid little wooden pincers, while Ferin tries to comfort me and offer condolences for what's left of my dinner.

I then took this doodle, and rendered it out into a full illustration. It's exactly what the doodle was, but more 'complete' - rendering, linework, fine details, a full background. 
This was an absolute blast, start to finish - I've not done much of any personal work in the last two months or so, and it felt good to really hammer out a piece like this. I learned more about my software in the process, including how to take a flat texture and transform it to fit in perspective, and use a mesh transform to treat raster layers like vectors. The food also turned out way better than I could have hoped, especially the bubble tea - a suggested addition by my Marbles! I'm lucky to have someone who's got a great critical eye as my significant other.

(Really though, Ferin, we have forks in the West for a reason <3)

Any background characters are generics I doodled up, and in no way represent anyone's sona.

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