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Frankly, my recent piece 'Dinner Date' was a side project I did as a break from the main attraction - this painting for my Illustration class!

This was one HELL of a piece. For the assignment, I was to mimic my favorite illustrator - that happens to be Tess Garmen. Wonderful anthro/wildlife artist. However, her traditional painting skill, built up over a decade of industry work, it ain't something easy to mimic, least of all digitally...I'm pretty happy with my result, however. The sky turned out beautifully, and the lil' prairie dog himself looks good and floofy. Just look at that shin. So fluffy.

The reason I went with the prairie dog? My instructor said he wanted to see a prairie dog, said it would be neat. Why a pirate? Not sure. Just a fun idea, taking an animal so closely associated with dry open land as to have 'prairie' in its name, and throw it into the middle of the high seas.

Anyway god bless the mesh transform tool, and while I love the new gauche tool, I'm ready to not use it for a while.

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