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This boy was actually a lil' project I took on for my Illustration class, designing a character. In the context of the class, this isn't a Protogen - I just borrowed the visor and ear bits because they look dope...then it did slowly become more Protogen-y over time. In the context of furry, I'll just say it's a Protogen, it's close enough.
The context for class is that it was created by the fur-curious Elon Musk, another of his asinine creations - this one to explore extreme environments on Earth, not suited for humans. It's biomechanical, blending the best of the husky genes it carries with the machinery of the Boring Company. It wears the visor to protect the vast sensor array within, while a small projector provides a facsimile of a face as to make the creature more approachable to humans. Being part doggo, it's loyal, and being part machine it's precise and untiring.

It's Elon's Musky Husky.

I'm sorry.

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