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     Please don't sexualize my characters, I will hurt you.

Hello, I am Ash. I go by they/he pronouns, so please respect that. I love anime, video games , and the internet. I am obsessed with the band's Panic! At The Disco, My Cemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, Halesy, and Melanie Martinez. Vocaloid is awesome too. My main characters, Ex-Ray, Quinn, and Ginger mean the world to me. Yeah, that's about it that you need to know about me!


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Regarding My Name

This probably isn't inporntant to most of you but whatever. I have change my(Jazz's) name to Ash. I think it suits the character more, and it has more a connection with me. Jazz was a name that I didn't like very much and was the first name that came my mind. The name Jazz is now more of a nickname.
01/07/2016 19:06


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Female · Kitsune · Homosexual · Aries
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" This is my sweet little cinnamon roll. Don't touch her. Don't hurt her. She is my cinnamon roll...
04/06/2016 14:29


04/06/2016 14:29


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Flower_mine posted to Ash

09/07/2016 00:53

I deleted your hello [emot=3]

Spenser posted to Ash

04/06/2016 17:00

Also, one more thing, if you ever want me to spray your fursuit quick, I have birthday cake flavored spray that cleans fursuit heads. They dont sell the particular one I have anymore, so I figured id share

Ash · 04/06/2016 20:46

Oh yeah, you told me about that once. That would be nice, thanks!

Spenser posted to Ash

04/06/2016 13:13

You now have a large angry kitsune on your page! (ME)

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