JeanQuinn the Harlequin is feeling Apathetic
Artist Type: Digital Artist

Commissions OPEN

I still really need money for food/transportation I have some adopts available here: {} A Star Dragon I'm reselling here: {} ...
11/01/2017 04:08

Art for Games

There's a ton of stuff on steam sale right now So I'd like to offer art for games! Art will vary depending on price of gifted game But if you're interested in getting art in exchange for games comment or note me My wishlist is here --> {http://s...
28/12/2016 02:10
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Fullbody flats $30 Slots: - - Half body flats: $20 Slots: -Eulenmaedchen FA - Detailed chibi flats $8 Slots: - - - - - Comment to claim
20/11/2016 20:50

$8 Detailed Chibis 5/5 OPEN

Doing some detailed chibis because I need money to take a cab home Examples: Example 1 {/JeanQuinn/view/87099?search=tfn6GH3W6VNIa6cULaSweMFeK9g~1} $8 for flat color $10 for shaded Comment to claim
15/11/2016 13:43
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That's right. I'm offering a BOGO (buy one get one) sale this weekend! It will be IN STREAM ONLY Now then, here's how the BOGO is gonna work THESE ARE GONNA BE FLAT COLORED CHIBIS Because I can get them done quickest Sale pricing as follows: Single chibi: $6 (This will get you a thanks but no B...
13/10/2016 22:46

$10 Commissions

$10 commissions will run like this Ref sheets: -Using pre-made bases -I have both male and female -All examples found here {} Off base ref sheets will also be offered at a starting price of $25 Character design: -Using a pre-made bas...
14/03/2016 22:44

Commission Prices

Everything starts as a wing-it sketch and you just add on! Build-a-commission if you will Pricing: -Headshot/bust: $10 -Halfbody: $15 -Fullbody: $20 (Currently unavailable) -Line art: +$10 -Color: +$10 -Shading: +$10 -Wings: +$15 -NSFW: +$20 (Unless it's a prepose, I'm really uncomfortable with...
07/03/2016 03:41

Terms of Service

I currently work a full time job that leaves me very tired so I'm not always on the ball. If there is a deadline please tell me ahead of time and I will try to work something out with you. First and foremost by looking to commission me you fully realize that I am currently an artist that specia...
07/03/2016 03:37