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I’m a very open minded artist and there are very few things that I won’t draw.
If it isn't covered below but you’re still curious, feel free to ask.

- Macro anything. (No giant: Dicks, tits, asses, balls, etc)
- MLP(My little pony)
- Watersports/scat/vomit/hard vore/diapers/Ballbusting
- Mecha
- Extremely fat furs
- Extremely thin furs

What I am NOT currently offering to draw but would love to OFFER LATER:
- Full Body Male art (I will take waist up though)
- Intricate backgrounds
- Comics

Some things I HAVE NO PROBLEM DRAWING that others do:
- Genders other than female or male.
- Nudity (Tasteful only)
- Fetishes (as long as it's none of the above mentioned ‘no’s’)
- Mild Gore
- Curvaceous/thick furs
- Androgynous furs

Dear buyer:
- I require a visual reference if you want my basic prices. (yes they can be NSFW)
- If there is a deadline you either need to tell me, or refrain from rushing me.
- Do not send me a wall of text with your commission inquiry. It doesn't benefit me at all to know that your character hails from the land of La.
- To avoid the above,fill out this commission form:

Type of Commission:
Character Name:
Species: (Species description or reference)
Character References: (Full Colour Reference or Detailed Description + Colour Palette)
Preferred Pose: (If you want a detail or a part of the character to stand out/be shown)
E-mail Address: (For previews and WIPs)

- You are welcome to repost the art you buy as long as you credit back to me!
- Do not alter my artwork unless I've given you permission to do so.
- NEVER pay another artist to alter/color my work.
- Freebie artwork will be done on a wing-it/side-slot basis. This means it may be done quick or it may be done slow, accept freebies at your own risk.

Payment and Price:
- Paypal is what I only accept unless otherwise stated!
- Payment is required either upfront or half upfront and the rest upon sketch check-in
- Price varies dependent on what it is you are looking to get.
- It is highly advised to pay in full up front, you will still get a sketch check in.

Other info:
- Estimated time of completion: 1 to 3 weeks. I’m human. Shit/Life happens. Do not rush me. If you are highly impatient. Do not commission me at all. I will always try to take less than a month to get you your PAID for work assuming you’re being respectful of my time.
- I will not draw in another person’s style
- I DO NOT work in commission que order. I may sketch them all out first. I may fully do one, sketch out another, and full do a different one. It’s to keep my interest up. As I said, If you need yours done asap then you need to let me know up front.

Get a hold of me:
- Note me.
It's the fastest way.

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