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Artist Type: Anthro Artist

Hi! I am a friendly fur who does commissions, trades, and sometimes requests(If I like your character) I am willing to do any art as long as it is furries. I work with suit making, digital, and traditional! If you're interested in commissioning me check my commissions status, most likely it'll be open but always check. I will have contact information included as well!

Commission status: OPEN

Contact information

Google hangouts: Jeremy Kitten

Facebook: Jeremy Vantas

DeviantArt: JeremyKitten


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Male · Wickerbeast · Pansexual · Cancer
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Nyctophilia, or nycto for short
04/05/2017 15:29


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Role-playing Yes
04/05/2017 14:37


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Seven (707)

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The Great MC posted to JeremyKitten

05/05/2017 15:05

Thanks for the favorite and subscription.
Stay tuned!

JeremyKitten · 05/05/2017 15:07

Thank you for the wonderful making that wonderful art and sharing it with us. It's so lovely!