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Sketches: $10 (+$5 per character)
Lineart: $15 (good to color yourself)
Badges: $15 for a regular badge style art piece, $25 for it to be laminated and sent to you in the mail.
Full color portrait: $10 for headshot, $15 for bust up $20 for full body (+$5 per character)


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Furries and facebook.

So I've recently taken to faebook in an attempt to share my art with people. IDK who I was really friending but I found myself among a shit ton of art thieves. It really bummed me out because I felt like this wave of furries on FB isn't worth getting to know. Disrespect for artists in this hobby ...
15/06/2016 02:39


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16/06/2016 18:50


15/06/2016 02:31


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Bun Fluffpaws posted to Jessie Nova

13/06/2016 14:14

I see a butt pic :D 

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