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Published: 11 months ago


Sips of motivation slowly break away my deepest frustration

My never-ending disagreement with time & joy
A fight for what I feel is right I've had since I was a boy

Common ground lost in the blink of an eye, leaving only hesitation & doubt with who, what, where, & why

To the bone, I feel at times, alone, itching my heart to pump out more reasons to try

Being still ever a haunting chill, I move with no mention toward a goal I have yet to decide

Willing to give all, & not receive anything, I swallow slowly my drink with my pride

The thoughtlessness feels good as ice turns back to water
Each percent of flavorful mixes is meant to relax my nerves as each becomes hotter

At times, they feel no different as each is poured with a story to share
The conversation guides my hand to each, for the drink, I haven't a care

It's not bad, can't say it good
At the nights end, I always feel, I don't think I should

If smiles & laughs are shared, great, similar do I feel if tears are shed...
As long as progress is made, I can rest easy, spending such time wisely before I go,to bed...

Life isn't at all complex to me
We simply have chances, for what we want, & can be

I ramble & gamble with time more than most, lose or win...

The ending is inevitable, so choose wisely, in everything, how you want to begin...

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