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Night thoughts - 17. - because why not

Published: 11 months ago

Night thoughts - 17. - because why not


Beneath a rock, in a river with water only a picture can show
Lays a seed, still rooted among the dry ground, hoping one day to grow

Slumber, a moment apart from too far of a time to take
It longs for the stream, like a dream, for it’s own sake
It has only one option with two endings, one undeniable, the other, it can’t guarantee to make

Among the many managing from years past
They show, what it can hope , one day, to know... “it” can last

Slowly, the clouds ever-changing, the “forms” of “hope” ever rearranging...

Trickles of water with time, will someday, make its next move for it
Until then, not knowing when, it simply has to “not” quit

Our space isn’t always grand...
Even “against” all odds, “all” we have to do, is continue, & hold firm toward “fate”, keep clear, & maintain our stand...

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