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Night thoughts - 18. - because why not

Published: 11 months ago

Night thoughts - 18. - because why not
(can’t sleep...was having mini-nightmares)

Awake at hours when rest is most needed
I find a shadow in mind, with something again pleaded

To take my shadows hand, & walk about the days with no light
Enjoying the times since past, walking clear with eyes closed, somehow seeing with no sight, & still knowing wrong from right

It whispers echoes of things not said, & never shares something already spoken
It seems to play music yet to be, on an empty record player, a long time ago broken

It shares pieces of a full story, only offering less each time we spend the day-night together
Only speaking when it’s seeking another chance at forever

I know not when it will visit, among the memories still adrift in the sea of imaginational possibility
I only know, it will go, again, as a friend, to share & send, more unquestionable tranquility

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