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Published: 11 months ago

Night thoughts - 53. - Y knot


Calamity in motion, I fell far beyond my self-given burden

Through years in seconds, I saw all I left behind

Among the landing, I felt... something long left in the back of reasoning

Breaking down the barriers once too tall to imagine, I held in shaken hands, a piece of my tired mind

It almost spoke to me, though mute I listened as words left no trace of reflection

The mirrored images stood around me, seemingly unaware of my current presence... I was unwantingly showing unseeable detection...

I was watching as I lay in a clearly still state
Among those present, shining above all else, was waiting with a hand out, what must of been fate...

It waited with a smile, forever chilling my everything
Thinking of simply backing up left me with such a mental sting

I simply moved forward with hands crossed, no hand to share
I nelt by myself, picking up what was a moment of weakness, reminding myself I do care...

As soon as I stood
A voice came from the shining as it faded away, it simply laughed leaving only a soft warm “good”...

I woke then, from a slumber that left tears rolling down each side...
Nothing set in stone, but memories with a name, I’ll keep on, through thick & thin, for that unknown win...if need be, I’ll hold onto everyone’s pride...

“I live for more than one, I’ll never think in such a one-sided manner, long as I can...
I’ll be more, what yet, I don’t know, but there is so much to choose, with simply being, another amazing human...”

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