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Published: 9 months ago

Night thoughts - 58. - Y knot...


Illumination feeding imagination
I find gold again, among ashes & ruins of a tired mind

With eyes both closed, I walk in light toward an old sight

Treasure in hand, I walk as I stand, ready for any kind of a fight

Words or more echo in thoughts long left to decay

Seconds fill & fell like blinking as I reflect about a day

One I don’t care to share, or show

Instead, with a smile up ahead, I let all see nothing but everything, & let any clearly know

Nothing left, nothing to gain

I speak softly with understanding, at any reason, for what ever level of pain

What if, what can, what will be...

It’s known enough, to be a little less rough...least to me...

“Writing on the wall, doesn’t mean you have to read it...
Fight till the end, for yourself, a foe, or friend, never quit...”

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