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Published: 8 months ago

Night thoughts -  76. - Y knot...


Another breeze brought me back, to a time of bliss

When I found too much to smile about, nothing yet surreal to miss

Much of my time was spent tiring myself to tears

It was blinking that passed from seconds to years

Now, pictures I hold closer than gold, help me when I lose my balance

Mentally, physically, just completely out of symmetry, lacking complete circumstance

The feelings I felt for a moment let my entire being breathe easy once more

Followed by a few good recollective tears, from those smiling, that I’ll always adore

It’s a thought, a place frozen in time, for better or worst, precious, priceless...

Truly, my best whole-hearted, happily, restarted, mess...

“Proud to be that doubtless, dream-filled, funny-talking guy...

Never will I worry, about what could of been, when nothing ever has to be, when asking why...”

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