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Published: 8 months ago

Night thoughts - 77. - Y knot...


Timid & shy, a dream found me yesterday, & began asking eternally why...

I explained as much as I could, sharing much more than needed, much more than I should

As I continued, it began losing it’s smile

Eventually, it gave in, & frowned after a while

I felt bad, to see something that was once happy & care-free, now growing in anger, while so very sad

I found again how it could think, before it lost all hope, & began to sink...

Into the mind of mud that mangles the most amazing of beings

I found the first step back into belief it showed before, for all things

Closing eyes, it began to see again, a mental paradise like no other before

Finding in itself, fortune...priceless, in a perfect future, it had no need for more

Be it a game, or delusion, only in mind...

I’ve found, without any warning, many follow a sound, beckoning to those who are, in a way, happy to be blind...

“So, in front of that too-well-known door, I wipe my feet before proceeding...

It’s something that brings me peace-of-mind, until I return again, from looking for something, I was apparently needing...”

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