Y always U...

From a long way down, I stood up right to see a final sight

A picture purely imagination beginning to form as my vision & emotion became one storm

Torn between each & every seam, I made a nightmare with care out of our dream

Slender in stance, disturbing at a glance, I let my thought escape me & took another chance

Seemingly fallen on frail beginnings with an end around each corner to take

I still stood still, avoiding with no action the inevitable chill from my mindful mistake

Valid in veins coursing casual pains, each breath sent soulful streams to my shaking hands

Again, shadows left me hollow once more, I had nothing left for demands

Pleading at heart, pride tearing apart, I ache for no ones sake, jus longing eternally to erase what is, & rewrite our start

Stare in mine, & show the eyes which calmed my insanity

Give me one more second of your peace to ease my humanity

I've more to ask, but words would only sound broken

Tell me our tale with looks filled with our reflections sharing all unspoken

Till, if, & when you can, please be...
The ghost I cherish most....please....for me...

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(Past love poem)

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