Jonas the Snow Leopard is feeling Chipper
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Hi there! Jonas here, furry artist from Coventry UK.

I'll probably add more to this later :3


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Sly Cooper

09/02/2017 19:15


Male · Snow-leopard · Bisexual · Capricorn
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Closest thing I have to a fursona. I tend to draw him differently depending on my mood, so I don'...
30/01/2017 11:47


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Lee Anders

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Thesims3dt posted to Jonas

01/02/2017 23:54

Thanks for the sub and faves 

Jonas · 02/02/2017 00:12

no problem! really like the character!

sykaeh posted to Jonas

31/01/2017 04:29

Thannkk you very much for the fave!

lupeyroo posted to Jonas

30/01/2017 11:35

Welcome to furiffic Jonas!

Jonas · 30/01/2017 11:46

Thanks! ♥

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