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My name is Jonas Pride (or at least, the name I go by on furry sites, anyway), and I've been a furry artist for ... probably a decade, though I've been drawing furry artwork for much longer, taking inspiration from Disney's Robin Hood and Looney Tunes, and later, The Lion King, and The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. I've always been fascinated by Tigers, and that's primarily the animal I choose as my avatar (or "fursona"), though I enjoy other animals as well.

I started posting furry artwork (traditional ink and marker work, as well as pencil sketches) to a site called Elfwood back in the mid-to-late 90's, having been exposed to more "adult" themed works back then, once I had access to the internet. From there, I graduated to VCL in early 2002, and once I started meeting other furs, I began posting to FurAffinity and DeviantART in 2004, onward.

My original avatar's name was Azura Rain, but after a break-up and a want to sort of rebuild my identity in the "fandom", I chose to change my name to Jonas Pride, and have since then worked on under that alias. I've slowly begun to spread my wings in this community, partaking in commissions, attending two or three cons, live streaming art, role playing, and just recently, starting to get my art in print. I don't know if anyone consider my a professional artist (since most days I feel a bit amateurish with my artwork), but I'm happy to see mostly positive feedback, where applicable.

I don't know what the future has in store for me as far as my furry/anthro artwork is concerned, but I plan to keep at it for a long time, anyway.. for as long as one can enjoy it, at least. ^^

I enjoy dabbling in:

Comics, 2D Animation, 3D modeling, 3D Animation, Painting, and Writing.


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Apologies for the Mass Upload

Decided to see if Furiffic's transfer system was as good as the one FN used, but found myself sort of regretting it. I was hoping to maybe upload small batches over a period of a few days, but I couldn't get it to select smaller groups, and ended up uploading a mass of images that had, unfortunat...
14/02/2017 03:34


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Ian McKleston

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lupeyroo posted to Jonas Pride

13/02/2017 01:16

Do you have any commission prices?

Jonas Pride · 13/02/2017 05:33 · 1 Reply

I do, and will be posting those soon. Right  now I'm a bit busy getting other projects and older commissions finished, and am not taking any new commissions.

lupeyroo · 13/02/2017 06:08

Oki doki!! I'll keep my eyes peeled!

Bun Fluffpaws · 14/02/2017 10:15

When you have time it would probably be worth listing prices in a shop so people can find easily, if you need help give a staff member a nudge and we will help when available, all feedback is appreciated as they are new and currently being worked on.

Anyways before a ramble on more... Hi and welcome :3

Jonas Pride posted

12/02/2017 22:17

Wow.. I had forgotten that this site had even existed. ^_^;; Sorry for that. I'll get around to posting some new things up here in a short bit.

Jonas Pride posted

09/10/2015 01:19

? Hey! Just checking out this site. Will post something here soon, hopefully. :x We shall see if I can keep track of this site among everywhere else I post. ?