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Apologies for the Mass Upload

Published: 14/02/2017 03:34

Decided to see if Furiffic's transfer system was as good as the one FN used, but found myself sort of regretting it. I was hoping to maybe upload small batches over a period of a few days, but I couldn't get it to select smaller groups, and ended up uploading a mass of images that had, unfortunately, contained links that referred to other images in the FA gallery.

Luckily, all the images I planned to put up here on Furiffic are now up, and so NO MORE BATCH UPLOADS ... at least I hope not. =____x;

Next time I come across a site that offers "image transfers", I'll just stick to creating small batch uploads rather than a mass gallery transfer.

Again.. SORRY! :c

lupeyroo ยท 14/02/2017 08:40

If you fill out a feedback form at the top right of the screen, staff would love yo hear your opinion and see what can be done to improve your experience!

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