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I can come off as a bit of a closed off cold hearted jerk and a bit of a sarcastic git on introduction but i feel that once people get to know me to the fullest, i'll probably be someone you might not forget anytime soon.

Getting on my good side: Your honest, your willing to be my friend just because you want to be and not because you want to use me, you don't suck up to me,

Getting on my bad side: Your Instantly Rude, rubbing things in my face, you betray my trust, hypocrites, people deceiving me. people who don't get the hint that if i dont respond the first time then i wont respond at all. 

Characters - 
The Barrage Squad 
Airon, Jayco, Nega, Kiefer, Yuri, Clair, Lydia, Beta

The Cyrexian Empire
Cyrex, Lamia, Bios

The Dark Reframe
Oblivion, Laufeia

Breaker, Darkness, Aequnum, Karen, Dimensia, Ellair/Malys, The Freakshow, Skyla

Public Discord -


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Artist Type: digital artist
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Species: Ritjessian
Artist Type: anthro artist
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ALhedgehog posted to JonicOokami7

11 months ago

Thanks for subbing!

JonicOokami7 posted

11 months ago

Do excuse the blank Character pages. I am mostly putting them up for later adjustments.

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