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From the old past, An empire rises, its goal, to render the world free of Novayens, its forces comprised of reptile and human hybrids, savage and obediant, Allies to no one, enemies to everyone, The Cyrex Empire countinues its aims underground plotting to create the world its leader dreams of..

Doctor Edgar Cyrex - The Wrathful Scientist - A Scientist who once studied Novayen biology Doctor Edgar Cyrex was one of the four heroes who fought to slay an evil empower known as Soctren with Zerell Hikarikaze, Yelina Starseer and Cedric Violet, His love for Yelina crushed when she declared love to Zerell caused him to go into a forced solitude, learning many of the horrible acts of Novayen past, and the final straw of his Sister conceiving a child with a Novayen caused Cyrex to go insane pledging to create an empire of his own image to create a Novayen free world. With his know how of D.N.A splicing, Cloning, and Bio Engendering Cyrex created creatures of various reptilian species merged with Humanoid biology and began his wrath on his once friends Zerell Yelina, and The Ookami clan, rendering the species endangered. After a run in with Vita Nova's Legendary hero Breaker Earthsoul, Cyrex became disfigured after an accident which caused Snake DNA to merge with his face, Now with Reptilian eyes, Cold blood and a Violent hiss, Cyrex continues to be a wanted man to present day, constantly being thwarted by the Barrage Squad which contains the children of Zerell and Yelina, Airon and Lydia Hikarikaze.

Lili "Lamia" Violet - The Lustful Twin - One of Baron Cedric Violet's two daughters, Lili is spoilt, stuck up and demanding making it a goal to get everything she desires often wrapping boy's around her tiny finger with bribery of intercourse, much to the ire of the Baron and her twin sister Yuri, however the one thing Lili could never get despite many plots and attempts was Airon's heart, Lili holds a great grudge to her twin and will do anything she can just to make her miserable. However after an incident that renders her "missing" Lili is taken in by Doctor Cyrex and modified via Genetic splicing with Dragonic D.N.A, a species that lives on a continent east of Vita Nova. With her new modifications, Lili now "Lamia" can achieve flight and powerful body strength along with being able to evoke an artificial Spiritual Burst with a special Serum, however this did drive her slightly delirious upping her hormones by tenfold and lowering her Psychic power slightly, Lamia acts as an Enforcer to Cyrex's lower forces of Lizardmen and a prime foe to Yuri Unaware of Cyrex's real plans and that she is simply being used by him.

Bios - The Ravenous Creation - A Chimera of Airon's, Oblivion's and Dragonic D.N.A and Genes, Bios is Cyrex's supposed "Ultimate Creation" despite being that in body and mind of a child, Bios has sheer strength, powerful flight and the abilities of both Airon and Oblivion compromised into a fire ball attack, however his huge appetite makes up for his small size often causing him to cannibalise Cyrex Lizardmen just to satisfy his hunger, not understanding his role as a simple Pawn to the Doctor he looks up to him like a father and Lamia as a sister (though much to the latter's disgust) and will go through death routes just to bring a mission to success, Through the Contraceptive Spirit Serum, Bios can access an artificial spiritual burst causing him to become a monstrous titan, known as Spirit Burst N(Nemesis), With much more of this Serum Bios can access his most powerful form being a powerful dragonic monster known as Spirit Burst DN (Dragon)
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