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Where one evil falls another rises in its place, no one knows when an evil one appears or what could even cause such a change, Some however are truly destined to be evil, or perhaps are the very meaning of it.

Darkness Centros - The Evil Incarnation - At present a Jackal who grew up as a rather malicious boy that liked to cause misery and conflicts towards or between others, Darkness Centros is just one of the many incarnations of Vita Nova's evil embodiment existing since the creation of the world, Emperor Soctren was his previous incarnation before being slain by Vita Nova's four heroes, after being reborn he was taken in by an unaware family who paid dearly for their kindness. An object known as the Black heart, a stone that would seek its this being to repeat the process of power, soon located Darkness but under its new host Nega C Payne, after being exposed to its power during a collapse of one of Vita Nova's sections' Darkness was declared missing after falling deep into the old underground mines, Awakening to who he is and was his body mutated and became evil and twisted, Now deranged, spiteful and with no morals to commit any crime he sees fit such as murder and rape for nothing but his own amusment, Darkness stands to Vita Nova as an enemy to The Barrage Squad, The Cyrex Empire, The Dark Reframe and especially Nega C Payne who holds the stone he needs to become true darkness.
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