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"When i came back, it was the start of many things, my first fight with the doctor and my endless fights with him.
It rained that day, and we were cold and tired, No place to go... But then, you were there. Like a memory i had missed for so long.

On that day.. my spirits raised like that umbrella you held out to me.."

On his first day back in Vita Nova city after years of travels, Airon and Jayco found it hard to adapt back to the city life and were practically winging it with no plan to find a place to live or employment, but an attack from Doctor Cyrex that would soon spark the endless battles between Airon and the old doctor had caused both injury and exhaustion on both Airon and his companion.

Weary, Tired and battered the two soon had to contend with a heavy rainfall that started not too long afterward.
It seemed problematic but suddenly Airon accidentally came across Yuri Violet.. his childhood friend from when he was still living with Breaker,
Shocked but surprised, Yuri was happy to see Airon after so long, and with a smile held out her Umbrella to keep him dry. The two then started to catch up on old times as they walked to Yuri's apartment where Airon was soon allowed to stay.

These events were just the start for not just the Barrage Squad, but a growing relationship.

Airon and Yuri's relationship i feel ive really wanted to build on for a long time just to show people its more then a "Because i said so" type of relationship, I have many ideas and things on how i envision their pairing to work that i want to share with everyone in a future time. Of course this also applies to Nega and Clair, as well as Oblivion and Laufeia, but early steps yet~
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