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"Dont be scared, i wont bite... much"
Deep in old abandoned mines underneath Vita Nova City, where Darkness fell and discovered his true inner evil, Mr Centros claimed these mines as his little hideaway building it to be his own personal torture lair to satisfy his own sadistic needs against those he feels worthy to lock in his "collection" Twisted is only a lighter way to describe this freak of nature and anthropomorphic evil..

Yeah i know its a sensitive subject and the subject in question is a bit dodgy looking but give me some artistic licence. I want to portray Darkness as a type of fucked up person (personality wise) you would find in our world. so if your going to get offended on this kind of portrayal please try to remember its all in just a fictional sense, I do not like to condone violence on any sort of person even if my work seems to portray otherwise.
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