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"Yuri has recovered from her Coma.. however her father the Baron of Psycaro came to the mainland and insisted rather forcefully that Yuri was to come back home instead of remaining with the Barrage Squad... How he came to know of this news baffled me. but chances are this is the work of his other daughter Lilli.. Cedric is one of my very old acquaintances, so i know fully well how protective of his daughters he is, this will be an interesting development.
Doctor E Cyrex - XX-XX-10

"Naturally the Barrage Squad had followed Yuri back to her home.. with little avail to sway her back. Lilli herself seemed to be pulling many attempts to sway Airon off of the idea and even into her own control of his heart... Such a girl reminds me of a tale of such temptresses.."
Doctor E Cyrex XX-XX-10

"Cedric appeared to has made a very tragic mistake.. During his escort of Yuri back to Psycaro, he was also transferring an artefact known as the Staff of Shadori... supposedly the staff owned and wielded by one of Novalla's famed Goddesses... as an Atheist i find the concept preposterous unlike my tutor Doctor Pytha, but my beliefs may have changed as there was still an essence in the staff which attached and took control of Yuri when her mind and emotion was at its weakest state.... Yet the possessor claimed she was not Shadori.. but Laufeia.. most interesting but if not a bit tragic when she made an example of the late Baron Cedric with her psychic power and mystified Airon and friends with her incredible power of Illusion.. This battle may need my most attention.."
Doctor E Cyrex XX-XX-10

"Yuri or As she adressess herself "Laufeia" made no delays to make herself known to the people of Psycaro. and even did not waste time to clash with the Squad. it took the combined effort of all seven current members to subdue her without killing the body she controls, the strangest thing occurred like Oblivion to Airon, "Laufeia" separated herself from Yuri. appearing as that of a lavender furred vixen with four tails.. i believe such a creature is known as a Kitsune which is also supported by her proven power of illusion. She proceeded to curse the enemy and vanish swiftly... This will not be the last of her. i am sure of it"
Doctor E Cyrex XX-XX-10

"The funeral of the Baron was swift... despite my new campagin to rid our world of Novayens i could not help but feel my respects being given deep inside.. the city of Psycaro took some slight damage, mostly from the Violet Manor.. Salvage Lizards i sent managed to find a great find...
Lilli Violet. At death's door but still hanging on.. I felt that her ability and obsession of Airon could be of use to me. so i took her in. and modified her with D.N.A of Dragonies.. A Species of Dragon long extinct from the mainland but still found far away. with it i have created a Neo-Novayen.. she was rather grateful for the change and she showed incredible promise with increased Strength, the power of flight with her dragonic wings and horrifically strong psychic power. At a great cost of her being slightly delirious and her sexual drives increasing tenfold. I decided to code name her as Lamia to which she was very welcome for. Next time for her first mission i shall let her test my new prototype Burst Serum..
Doctor E Cyrex XX-XX-10

"My Artificial Burst Serum was a success... Lamia had transformed much like Airon and Nega becoming what i beleive a Mind Innate burst. she proceeded to throw the squad around like mere toy's from a pram, she would however mentally break and twist with her own Sister's mental state causing her to break down. it was most amusing. but this had it's great side effects as Yuri had awoken and achieved a Burst of her own... She became a silvery white like Airon and Nega, with bright eyes and golden iris's her Psychic power rocketed to terrifying levels to the point my monitors on her were terminated and destroyed... my studies of the fight were lost but judging by Lamia returning with her tail between her legs. she overcame her twins cruelty.. If this burst was created from Yuri's mental state and radicalised her psychic power... it is no doubt to be named a Mental Burst... The enemy team now appears to have Three capable of Bursts of all three Novinnates... this will take some careful planning and strategist to counter in the future...
Doctor E Cyrex XX-XX-10
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