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She was not (and still isnt) a saint, being a rather spoilt child compared to her twin, even in her present life Lili Violet still knew how to twist the ways of men and control them with her looks and words, her hobbies of Poetry and Writing made her a career as a novelist in some of the more civilised areas of Nova Island, Sometimes for fame, sometimes to make others jealous.

However even she herself knew how to feel the emotions of love and compassion, her love for Airon stemming back to when They and her sister knew eachother as children, via connections with General Breaker Earthsoul and Baron Cedric Violet, alas for Airon just wasnt intrested in her, and even after returning to Vita Nova city form his travels he just saw Yuri as very close friend given his anti-social stance of life.

Lili never saw it as that and would often try every trick she could to win him over, such as lying, mollycoddling and outright just making him feel uncomfortable much to the ire of Yuri, which would cause many sisterly arguments (To the point Lili wrote a power fantasy-novel using the three of them as characters)

After the incident that Rendered Yuri in her coma. Lili once again tried to make matters worse just to claim Airon, this time by convincing her father (whom at the time had returned to his home-country of Psycaro) that she was unsafe with the Barrage Squad, this of course didnt work as it only pushed Airon to go to Psycaro after her with the support of his allies (including the newly joined Lydia and Beta)

Angered that her plans are about to fall through she followed them to Psycaro just to make sure they dont get her back.

Then... whilst she was examining it during a state of depression, The staff that was stated to have belonged to the Goddess of Mind Shadori resonated and unleashed a dark presence which implanted its mind into Yuri, possessing her and birthing whom would soon be known as Laufeia Shadeborn, who made no delay to make her presence known and her power feared by murdering the Baron and making quick work of the Squad, before causing the Cheateu of Violet collapse with Lili still in it.

While Laufeia was defeated before she made herself a new body from the shadows of her being and Yuri's body, Lili was declared dead from the disaster. However she was only just clinging onto life with what little strength she had by the time Doctor Edgar Cyrex (Whom had been observing the teams movements for future plannings against their strategies) found her.

Using her emotions akin to puppet strings The doctor promised to make Lili powerful enough to destroy her sister and make the one she sought hers, Lili was then heavily modified with the Doctor's great knowledge and skills with genetic altering by infusing her with D.N.A belonging to Dragons, A race that inhabbited the very far off land of Omegaran.

The genetic splicing gave Lili (now nicknamed Lamia) new strengths, weaknesses and two dragonic wings which allowed her to take flight to great lengths. Her psychic power had also radically increased at the cost of her rational thinking.

On her first actual outing to fight the heroes, Cyrex gave her a serum that would give her the power to enter a form akin to Spiritual and Physical Burst.
While she entered it and became powerful enough to take down the team without sweating, she was defeated by the powerful awakening of Yuri's Mental Burst (see Elegant Mind for more details)

Defeated and without no way to go back to her old life..
Lili Violet pledges to claim Airon and kill her sister along with anyone else who tries to take him from her within the current world, or within the world Cyrex promises to build under his control.
One way... or another..

When coming up with this one ive felt that Lili/Lamia was a character i can somewhat feel a connection to and when working on her for the De-Sonicfication and Reboot i wanted to give her much more reasons and motivations behind why she is so smitten with Airon and so Antagonistic to Yuri, hence why i changed her from a clone to Yuri's twin sister.

It can be hard to keep track with everyone but i want to make sure everyone has some work put into them and make them appealing to others in what way i can.
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