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"Thunderous volume of our inner willpower and soul, the seething fiery passion and fury of our physical builds, the cold and calculating power to kill with our minds.

Our world has always been under the balance and circling conflict of the Novinnates, where one will succeed another they themselves are vulnerable to someone else's Novinnates.

This is the rule of the goddesses, Amrizu: The goddess of Time and Soul, Shadori: The goddess of Space and Mind and Dimensia: the goddess of Dimension and Body.

Yet there are those who attempt to use science and technology to challenge the fate of their born Novinnate, Humanity are the key perpetrators of this as they are the 4th Novinnate Nul, the center, the middle, the one with no vantage nor falter towards the other Goddesses essences.

Those who can become fully enlightened and empowered by their Mind, Body or Soul will become enlightened and able to access the ancient Novallan art of Novinnate Burst.

While others have yet to discover this depth, Airon Hikarikaze, Nega C Payne and Yuri Violet have each undergone their own trials and hardships to earn this rite and aim to use this found power to set right what there enemies brought upon Novalla."

Awkward time for this to come up what with N Sane trillogy coming out (Psyched all the same even though i dont own a PS4)
This could have come out earlier but due to being tied up with FCGB, the projects have been juggled around alot, i'm at least glad i managed to end the month with a main project.
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