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Within a hidden realm within Novalla. A prophet watches and observes the world, ageless to time, wise beyond space and dimension, his existence questionable as some wonder if he is reality, He acts as the centerpoint and keeper for the goddesses. his name...

Aequnum: The Goddesses Sage.
A being given life and unified construct by Amrizu Shadori and Dimensia. Aequnum is a master of the Novinnates being able to become any one of the four, his mind channeled by Shadori, his body gifted by Dimensia, and his soul blessed by Amrizu. His shape varies to match his creators often appearing as a gold Ookami for simplicity.

He knows all that has happened and all that will happen. Waiting for the right time to present himself to Airon and friends to present answers and truth's they may not be able to handle...

This is probably either going to be a huge surprise or just a new character to people.
Aequnum was a character i never intended to bring into Desonicfication. due to being... pointless in any way, to the point he was one of my least favorite characters being just another Airon counterpart.

While i considered it for a while. the only ultimatum for me to bring Aequnum to the new Desonicfication verse is if he becomes a drastically different and if not his own character.

With the Goddesses and Novinnates becoming like key points to Novalla i felt that a chronicler and someone who has been around to act as the realms keeper of history.

I hope with this new change and reinvention i can be tempted to use and expand on him more.

on a more serious note. a few technical errors held me up this week. including the death of my laptop charger rendering me powerless until a new one arrived.
my keyboards still funked though so im stuck with a USB one for the time being.
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