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"Tonight on VNWF. The upcoming fight is looking to be an incredible clash! We've seen some terrific fighters in our time here folks. But none quite like the challenger!

"In the blue corner. Standing at just over 6 feet and weighing at 190 Pounds, She's best known as the Barrage Squad's Mean muscle, their fierce enforcer. She's the Big Stonewall Sister: Lydia Hikarikaze!"

"Said to be the Princess of the fallen Ookami clan. This titanic monarch spends her day fighting with the aforementioned Barrage Squad. And when she's not doing that she spends her time at the Orphanage she grew up!"

"Ooooh yes. She's not just a sister to her blood brother Airon. She's the big sister to many of the kids who lack their own parents. They say behind that strong imposing body is someone who's very protective of children, Heck she's fought and is still fighting these bloody and dangerous fights just to use the prize money to fund said orphanage she calls home."

"Those scars aren't just fancy body paint NO! They're built from the many years of brawling and fighting. They say she started training at a young age. Forgoing her heritage to become the Mammoth Miss she is today. Many say she can topple a bus with one punch. Others say she is able to punch through three sheets of steel. Whatever is true she is quite the force to be reckoned with!"

"Can she defeat the ultimate fighting champion? Can she walk away with the 50,000 Sterla* in this confrontation with the currently undefeated?!"

*Name is liable to change*

Since Christmas I've been meaning to redesign Lydia a fair bit more since the tinted bangs and overall parts of her outfit just werent working imo. My drive for drawing has been up and down lately. So this project has been very hard to stay focused on due to quite a few distractions. That said. Besides giving a very big update to her design, I really do want to put a lot more focus onto Lydia whenever possible since in the background I've been working on her backstory and character quite a bit. Including her relationship with Airon, Her issues with her father, and the aforementioned bond she has with the orphanage she grew up.

While i've admittedly not put quite a few in the spotlight for a while. I really want to fix that and I don't like leaving some of the characters
in the dust. I have considered taking a hiatus for a while but...
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