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"You know... It's funny. When we met. Neither of us knew where we came from. Yet when Father... Breaker... brought you home, we became so close like it was nothing. 

It was like fate brought us together and after that we had all these crazy adventures... 

Meeting Yuri for the first time. Meeting friends like Kiefer and Nega... and even meeting Lydia... A sister I didn't know I had. 

It's... Always been hard to express myself when it comes to talking about how all this makes me feel. But thanks to you being by my side since the start, even when I couldn't talk to anyone by myself at first... I've never felt alone even until Yuri and the others came into our lives. I guess what i'm trying to say is... Thank you for everything Jayco."

"..." -w-

"Heh. I Guess you're right."
On that fateful day where Breaker found and took home an injured Jayco. 

It was fate that he and Airon would encounter and become near inseparable, growing and learning together, even seeing the world in the 3 years Airon left the city.  

Of course while Jayco finds the time to prank and be cheeky to him, Airon knows it's just how Jayco is and even though Jayco is incapable of talking. The two have such a strong spiritual bond that Airon can understand him through their souls. 

The friendship between Ookami and Wing Mouse is powerful to very thunderous volumes. 

Years ago. Just after the start of the De-sonicfication shift. Someone once accused Jayco (or more so his older incarnation Jacob the Pikachu) as being pointless. This at first confused me. Until someone else pointed out that the character seemed to be always there. 

In reality I can kind of understand that, Even now I keep that in mind when I concept and keep Jayco's Backstory and secrets under wraps for later dates.

While I will shamefully admit that I have rarely done anything with the two together since the Reboot. I've still felt the two are of an unbreakable bond that I still wish to express in many ways.  Their characters I feel work together seeing as Airon is a quiet and socially awkward person, yet Jayco is goofy and somewhat naughty at times. The two have learnt to understand each other as to who they are and that makes the friendship stronger.

In a way. Expressing this reminds me of my own friendships with people I've only known for like nearly two years but it's felt longer then that. (You guys know who you are.)

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The only one that I have ever known, don't know where it goes

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