Jooper the Chicken is feeling Thoughtful
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Hello, there!

I'm a young man from Brazil!

I am bisexual and polyamorous

In a relationship with:

Calkhi (no account), since Nov 1st 2015

Pyruoo , since Aug 22nd 2017

I am not religious, but I still have my ideologies. I am extremely attached to vegetarianism, and I absolutely hate anything related to violence towards animals/furries. You may see something like that from me, but for a proper story, NEVER as a fetish.

I do not mind violence towards humans and humanoids, though.

I draw mostly NSFW stuff with some weird fetishes that you might not enjoy, I'll do my best to keep them only for the people that absolutely want to see them. I, however, also draw vanilla NSFW very often, so I'll be more than thankful if you subscribe to me, although I do not post very often.


For information on commissions, check out my FA. Cheers!


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Yeap. I know, I make uploads, store page, and even a journal now to advertise my work. But oh well, why the heck not? I'm open for commissions. If you'd like more info you can always visit my store, my FA or just straight up contact me.
3 months ago


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Koen Drost

1 month ago

Gunther Prochnow

Role-playing No
4 months ago


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