JudyRoseArt the Maned wolf is feeling Artistic
Artist Type: Anthro Artist

Growing up in a broken home. Her parents own a wealthy beauty corporation, known as Wyld Beauty. Their jobs broke their marriage and she and her two older brothers were caught in the cross-fire. Luckily her brothers were already out on their own. Haku had to grow up alone and try to do things herself. This caused her to be cautious, somewhat ambitious, and learn to rely on her own judgments.

She graduated from a prestigious art college and began her own freelance business where she developed an excellent clientele base. In her free time, she often works out and runs to gain inspiration for her upcoming projects. You will usually see her with headphones on and zoning out in her own world.

She loves to go to clubs and dance but never gets drunk (will only have one drink to lighten the mood).

Favourite Food

Favourite Color


Artist / Writer

Extra Details

> Single (not looking and won't tolerate flirting)

> Sometimes does a buzz-cut design behind her ears and back of her head.


1.78 Meters · 5 Feet, 10.07 Inches


72.57Kg · 11 Stone, 5.98 Pound

Eye Colors

Body Type




Extra Attributes

> Short Pixie Hair (back) with Long Side-swept wavy bangs in tri-tone gradient (grey-white-soft pink)

> Scar over right knee where a knife accidentally fell on it

> Black framed glasses always worn

> Sporty / Casual outfits (main)

> trendy professional attire when at events

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Name Meaning: Amber High Bridge

Nationality: Japanese / American

American Name: Amber

Character information






Zodiac Sign


  • 13


  • Created: 9 months ago
  • Updated: 9 months ago


Open to role-playing

Rp preferences

PG - PG13 only!