Amalthea the Shiba inu is feeling Good
Artist Type: Improving Artist

                         ⟨Hello! I'm Amalthea the Shiba Inu. I'm not that good of an artist, but I hope you enjoy!


                                     Hello there. I'm Amalthea, a young furry . I'm improving at art as I go. I will always

                                     take constructive criticism too! I'm emotional sometimes, but usually outgoing. 

                                     I'm saving up for a partial fursuit of Amalthea. I hope you enjoy my profile!

                                                 ~                                        !                                       ~

                                                                     Important people: None yet, i'm new!



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Female · Cat · Pansexual · Cancer
Role-playing Friends
Nicknames Tea, Bubble
My oc. She's jolly, outgoing, kind, and kinda annoying. She's pan.
21/04/2018 02:16


Male · Wolfdog · Bisexual · Taurus
Role-playing No
Nicknames Spark, Sparkster
Spark is my main fursona. Hes chill, likes posing to cameras (and himself) and is bi. Though, he ...
21/04/2018 02:02


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Species: alien
Artist Type: pron artist
Mood: sympathetic
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Joined 20/04/2018 00:17


Species: cat
Artist Type: art whore
Mood: okay
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Foxy Flapper posted to Amalthea

21/04/2018 12:54

Thank you for the fave!

Amalthea · 21/04/2018 15:07


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