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I am your cute fluffy puffy adorable Pomeranian! I am that one Pomeranian that will follow you everywhere you go! I don't make much art, unless I do quick draws or screw around with Google Drawings like I always do. My pride is Google pride cuz I love android soooooooo much! (As well as chrome) and I hate apple products because they are just so sloooow and terrible and caged in.

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Pomeranian Poem

Pomeranians are fluffy Pomeranians are cuddly If I don’t get a Pomeranian I won’t be happy. If I get a Pomeranian then I will get to puff it up I ❤️my Pomeranian I have a happy time with it being together. My Pomeranian loves my food My Pomeranian loves me I fluff it up I cuddle it up I smooch it...
22/07/2018 02:27


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Erik Ortega

18/07/2018 23:19

Majira Strawberry

18/07/2018 23:19


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