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┋📝Writer📝┋🎨Artist🖌┋🚘Car Enthusiast🚘┋🎮Gamer🕹┋

This here is just my little spot to dabble in one of the many hobbies I enjoy, ART!

I mostly stay in my own lane and keep to myself unless someone or something piques my interest. I’m not really an eccentric person, more on the chill side of things. I kinda got into the whole OC/Furry thing after seeing some animation memes on LBP, then noticing someone drawing some Ocs a few years ago in school. Now here I am!


It takes a bit of time for me to fully warm up to people as I’m kinda shy and I had some pretty awful experiences when the wrong people get too close. So I apologize if I come off as cold or standoffish. I’m trying my best to come out of my shell.

Most of the stuff here is just art or comics pertaining to the characters I’ve created/received, although there will be some rare instances of non furry stuff like scenery, humans or even cars if I’m lucky. So at the moment, mostly everything is vanilla. However, I do plan on exploring certan themes once my worldbuilding and Ocs are finished. I mostly stick to SFW, but I don’t mind doing more mature things every now and then.

Major Stuff I’m Currently Working On

[┋Worldbuilding for My Ocs|60% complete┋OC Designs & Rough Draft Bios|75% Complete┋Final Draft Of World & OCs|Not Started┋Unnamed Comic Project|Pending┋]

My Ocs

[┋Main Characters┋]


[Supporting Characters]


[Minor Characters]




Everything is a work in progress,  so stay tuned!

Anyways, thanks for visiting, and I appreciate every fav, watch and comment I receive.[/center]


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